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  • Bail Bond Hearing Under Florida Law, all charges are bondable, except a very few Capital Offenses. Often the bonds are for high amounts that you may not be financially able to meet. An attorney can motion the court for a reduction of that bond and schedule a timely hearing to assist in your release.
  • Plea Negotiations You wouldn't diagnose your own disease, you would see a doctor. You need a lawyer to negotiate the best plea and sentence for you and your loved ones. An experienced attorney can show the prosecutor the weakness in their case. This can result in a reduction of charges, to a complete dismissal of all charges.
  • Violation of Probation / Community Control Violations of probation or community control can send you straight to prison. Violations come in two categories. One substantive , this means a new crime has been committed. This is the most serious violation. Two, Technical violation, this means there is not a new crime, but rather the person has failed to complete a requirement of their supervision. For example: failure to pay court costs, failure to successfully complete a special condition of the probation, not maintaining their permitted schedule of work, etc. You have reduced constitutional rights is a violation of probation hearing. Unlike a new charge which requires proof to beyond a reasonable doubt, in a violation of probation hearing the standard of proof is a preponderance of the evidence and the judge makes the decision. A good attorney can get good results.
  • No Court Appearance Many misdemeanors do not require your appearance in court if you are represented by an Attorney.
  • Modification / Early termination of Probation Under Florida Statute 948, a probationer may petition the court for an early termination of their supervision. You will need an attorney to file the motion and coordinate the hearing with the State Attorney, Probation Officer and The Court. Modification of the terms of Probation: you're on Probation, but you need to travel.....you are required to pay money every month for restitution, but you just lost your job. These are but two examples of terms and conditions of probation that a judge can modify and change. You will need an attorney to present your request to the Court.
  • Trial Sometimes even the best attorneys can not resolve a case by way of negotiations and a trial is necessary. The attorneys in the firm each have over 20 years experience in Criminal Trial preparation and Case Presentation. The attorneys have handled everything from First Degree Murder, Sexual Battery, Theft Crimes, Drug possession and Drug Trafficking to DUI and related Traffic offenses.